Whale, Isn't That a Weird Name:

   SPHYRNA, from the Greek "Hammer", is the genus of Hammerhead Sharks, the earliest first recorded in the 1700s.

Our FRIGGIN' Mission:

    To inspire conservation and educational outreach of sharks and the ocean through use of design and activism.

Message from our Flounder

   "Ever since youth, I've wanted to make the topic of sharks approachable. I want to design cheesy-cheeky, shark-focused products and integrate shark knowledge and the issues shark populations are facing into culturally relevant platforms (art, clothing, and social media). The time to make my dream a reality is now- Sphyrnas is my way of bringing awareness to ocean sustainability as well as establishing a positive interest in shark conservation. 

I want people to know that change starts with one person! Together, we will save our sharks." 

- Cari Johnson

Sphyrnas was created to inform, engage, and compel folks to take action in improving our ocean ecosystems and to learn what you can do to protect them. We are here to do our part to save sharks, seas and everything in between. We are here to be as different as the hammerheads we so adore.

Reaching Our Goal:

    Our success comes from you standing up for sharks while you stand out from the crowd in the Sphyrnas brand. Rest assured, every purchase leads to a brighter future for sharks, the ocean and for our puny fish jokes. 25% of all sales go directly to conservation and research efforts across the globe. 

  We want to say thank you from the bottom of our swim bladders. We appreciate your support; be it cleaning up beach side, tagging along on a research expedition or sporting our Sphyrnas brand- you're keeping that conservation action going!