We're always looking for fellow shark champions to help us spread the word about our brand. 

  As a small business trying to grow and enable shark education all over the world, you should know we're not about (nor able) to dish out free gear to anyone on social media - so if that's what your after rest assured our price points are super low so you can check out some sweet gear to show your shark passion without breaking the bank! In addition to getting the coolest designs, every order goes toward conservation and outreach efforts to save the seas - and that's something to feel good about!

If you’re interested and sincerely feel our shark vibes while wanting to help us grow we would love to have your help! Still want to help make a difference with Sphyrnas? Sweet, our ambassadorship program works like this: 


 Once approved, in return for regularly tagging us in your social media posts whilst in our gear we give you an unique discount code that gives you an initial 30% off anything on our site.

Plus, your unique code can be shared with friends and family, once people start using your code that will earn you additional discounts or free items included with your orders. In addition to the jawsome gear, we also feature you on our blog and social media features! 

       If you have more questions or want to be considered for ambassadorship please CONTACT US with your instagram handle and a bit about your story.